Jun. 27th-Aug. 5th, 2013:Graduation exhibition Master Photography at AKV St. Joost / Melkweg Amsterdam
Sep. 2012:CarArt Festival, CineBus (video screening), Delft
Jun. 2012:R.E.A.L. - next year's candidates, Liefhertje & de Grote Witte Reus, The Hague
Mar. 2012:Welcome to Tunisia, exhibition & debate, Liefhertje & de Grote Witte Reus, The Hague
Feb. 2012:Welcome to Tunisia, Hoop, The Hague
Nov. 2011:Destillaat - recent graduates, Etalage Derde Wal, Nijmegen
Oct. 2011:Menzis Jong Talent 2011, Menzis, The Hague
Sep. 2011:TodaysArt 2011, Spuiplein, The Hague
July, 2011:Graduation exhibition Bachelor Photography at KABK
March-April, 2011:Videos 'Untitled (Dvorak)' and 'Searching' on show during the Vonk in de Zuidas exhibition
November 5th, 2010:Video 'Searching' on show during the Museum Night Delft at Ciccionina
August 25th, 2010:Published the article 'The end of duality' on DutchDoc
June 20th, 2010, 14:30:Video on show during the 'Kernproef' of Festival Classique 10, The Hague
January 30th, 2010:Showing 'The dark side of things: assembly line', KABK, The Hague
January 30th, 2010:Group exhibition 'Krach[t] in het klein', KABK, The Hague
January 11th-20th, 2010:Group exhibition 'Krach[t] in Pulchri', Pulchri, The Hague
January 9th-15th, 2010:Group exhibition 'Krach[t]', LabS55, The Hague
October 2009:Interferences, group exhibition, opening & kick-off, The Hague

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